Blichmann KettleKart

$ 299.00

The KettleKart™ is the perfect companion for the BrewEasy all-grain brewing system, or any other setup where a solid, versatile, and mobile cart is desired!

Features: Get the ultimate accessory for the BrewEasy, with the KettleKart™. This cart was designed to work with all sizes of the BrewEasy system (both gas and electric), but can also be used in other setups where a durable and solid mobile cart is needed. It includes a set of retaining brackets which allows you to secure your TopTier Floor Burner to it. The retaining brackets can also accommodate most size pots (up to the 30 gallon BoilerMaker) when using an electric heating element such as the Blichmann BoilCoil™. Features include the following:

  • Heavy 16 gauge brushed stainless steel
  • 22" X 22" X 8" high (includes heavy duty casters)
  • Supports up to a 55 gal kettle and up to the 20 gal BrewEasy™ system.
  • Multiple carts can be bolted together to create in-line or V configuration for maximum versatility!

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