CIP Spray Ball

$ 59.00

Cleaning your fermenter is time consuming. But with our Clean-in-Place (CIP) Spray Ball, you can automate the cleaning process while you work on more important things. Designed and tested by our expert engineers, this spray ball works seamlessly with RipTide™ brewing pumps and March™ 815 pumps.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • CIP Spray Ball with Lid Hatch includes the silicone tube, CIP Spray Ball, NPT bulkhead with O-Ring, and lid hatch all for a low price
  • The universal CIP Spray Ball Kit can be custom fit into any fementor, kettle, keg cleaner, or other equipment. It includes the CIP Spray Ball and NPT bulkhead with O-Ring.
  • Tuned for high performance with a splash guard to keep the outside of your Fermenator™ dry
  • Fermenator™ CIP Spray Ball Kit installs quickly into your fermentor
  • Full stainless steel construction lasts a lifetime
  • The lid hatch is for use with the Blichmann F3 Fermenator™ ONLY

NOTE: It is vital to match your CIP Spray Ball to your pump. Without adequate pressure and flow, the spray ball's performance will be inadequate at removing tough soils and getting proper coverage inside your vessel.

NOTE: The CIP option with the lid hatch is for use with the F3 Fermenator line “only”. The CIP ball is quick and easy to install in the fermentor. It cleans while you focus on your brewing priorities! It is not intended to be used with a corny keg and will not fit properly. 

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