One Gallon Wine Kits

$ 29.95

*One gallon kits are NOT eligible to be made in-store!*
California Chardonnay: Pineapple, mango, and vanilla.
ABV: 12.5% - BODY: Medium - OAK: Medium - SWEETNESS: Dry
Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Blackcurrant, black cherry, and toasty notes.
ABV: 12.5% - BODY: Medium-full - OAK: Medium - SWEETNESS: Dry
California Moscato: Grape, green apple, and pear.
ABV: 8.5% - BODY: Light-Medium - OAK: None - SWEETNESS: Medium Sweet
Chilean Merlot: Black cherry, fruitcake, and smoke.
ABV: 13% - BODY: Medium - OAK: Heavy - SWEETNESS: Dry
Italian Pinot Grigio: Green apple, lemon, and lime.
ABV: 12.5% - BODY: Light-Medium - OAK: None - SWEETNESS: Dry

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