Essential Extractor (Still)

$ 399.00

This high-quality still is made of dairy-grade stainless steel beverage tubing with an 8-gallon stainless steel kettle. The 3-foot water-cooled reflux column provides efficient, even cooling to produce a clean distillate. Or the top portion of the column can be attached directly to the kettle to create an authentic pot-style distilling system. This complete setup includes everything but an external heat source, for which a 1100-watt hot plate is recommended.

This still is great for distilling water, extracting essential oils, or producing up to 95% pure ethanol.¹

    The Stainless Steel Reflux Still includes:
  • 8-gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
  • 2-piece Combination Reflux/Pot Distillation Column
  • Submersible Water Pump with Tubing
  • Thermometer
  • Column Filling
  • Aluminium Diffuser Plate
  • Chemical-tolerant Hose & Fittings
  • E-Z Clamps
  • Column Bung

¹ Distilling alcohol outside of a licensed distilled spirits plant violates federal law. State laws may place additional restrictions on the ownership, sale, or use of stills in your area. As a vendor of stills that can be used to produce spirits, BSG HandCraft may be required to share identifying information about the purchasers of stills with the TTB. For more information visit

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