Mother's Day Beer Brewing 201 - SATURDAY 5/13 at 1:00PM

$ 50.00

Beer knows no gender. But you know that, right? In the modern industrial era, beer production became the task of men -- but for centuries before that, beer was brewed mostly in the home by women.

In that spirit, this year we are offering a Mother's Day event that is all about beer! Do you have a mom who likes beer, wants to learn more about beer, and maybe also wants to make beer? She sounds like a cool mom! Bring her to our Mother's Day Beer Brewing 201 event, where you will learn all about partial mash brewing, in a "certified" mansplain-free environment. (It'll be a dude teaching the class, yes, but he does his best.) And hey, maybe you're not a mom, but this class sounds like fun -- go ahead, sign up! (Being a mom or bringing a mom with you is NOT a prerequisite for this event.)

COST: $50 per pair. That gets you a lesson in partial mash beer brewing, samples of Farmhouse brewed beer, some tasty snacks -- AND you get to take home a 6-pack of homebrewed beer when you leave.

WHERE/WHEN: Saturday, May 13th, 1:00pm, at Central Street Farmhouse's brick-and-mortar at 30 Central Street, Bangor. Event should run 2-3 hours.

We have availability for 10 pairs ONLY, so reserve your spot ASAP!