Watcharee Thai Sauce

$ 12.95

Watcharee Thai Sauces are handcrafted in Yarmouth, Maine from traditional ingredients to capture the subtle richness of authentic Thai flavors. Choose from Pad Thai, Green Curry, Massaman Curry, and Thai Peanut sauces!

Watcharee Limanon, a Thai culinary artist trained in Bangkok, has created a distinctive line of exquisite Thai sauces.  While Watcharee likes to tell people that she inherited her love of Thai cooking from her mother, she took a circuitous route in following her passion.  Her first career was as an environmental lawyer, advising governments across Asia on new laws that protect lives and livelihoods. It was her travels throughout Asia, however, that brought her closer to the origins of Asian cuisine, sparking her childhood memories and inspiring her to deepen her own culinary skills at such top schools as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School in Bangkok.  Watcharee now enjoys teaching others the joys of Thai food through pop-up cooking classes and other culinary explorations.  In 2014, she created her line of sauces to share her passion and to expand appreciation of authentic Thai flavors.  With WATCHAREE’S Thai Sauces, you can treat your family and friends to genuine Thai culinary experiences!


Th most versatile sauce in the line, Watcharee’s pad Thai sauce blends fragrant spices, sweet shallots and tamarind, and is inspired by a recipe from traditional fishing villages east of Bangkok. Follow the traditional recipe by stir frying rice noodles, vegetables, eggs, tofu and chicken or shrimp with WATCHAREE'S pad Thai sauce, or use the sauce on seafood, salads or barbeque.


Rich and pure but never over-powering, WATCHAREE’S Thai peanut sauce is the spicy sidekick of satay, a grilled delight of skewered meat or fish found across Southeast Asia. WATCHAREE’S Thai peanut sauce is perfect for satay but also brings a tangy warmth to fresh vegetables, noodles or wraps. 


In listing the World’s 50 Best Foods, CNN Travel ranked Thai Massaman Curry as the “most delicious food ever created.” With origins in India, massaman curry was created in Thailand over 200 years ago by court chefs to King Rama II (1809 - 1824). While the traditional recipe uses beef, you may substitute pork, chicken, turkey or even tofu. A Sauvignon Blanc or a Chenin Blanc is the perfect match for this sweet and spicy curry.


Bold yet delicate, Watcharee has created a blend of sour, sweet and salty flavors that has a sophistication all its own. Green curry is a Thai favorite served with meat or seafood and vegetables over jasmine rice or vermicelli rice noodles. Follow the classic recipe and serve with pea eggplants, bamboo shoots, holy basil and kaffir lime leaves, or use your favorite vegetables.

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