Propper Seltzer™ Yeast Nutrient for Hard Seltzers

$ 7.95

One dose of Omega Yeast's specially formulated Propper Seltzer™ nutrient powers your favorite beer yeast through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as little as 7 days. Want even faster? Try 4 days with Propper Seltzer™ nutrient and Omega Yeast's Lutra™ Kveik!

One (1) pack provides yeast nutrient for (5) five gallons of sugar wort at 1.060 (15°P) or lower.

Recommended for use with these strains:

  • Lutra Kveik
  • Hornindal Kveik
  • Voss Kveik
  • Espe Kveik

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