About Us


Since 2010, Central Street Farmhouse has been providing the greater Bangor area with urban homesteading supplies and education. Our three-story brick-and-mortar storefront in historic downtown Bangor, Maine offers supplies and support to make your own beer, wine, cider, soda, mead, cheese, yogurt, and more.We like to think of our business as "beyond retail," and regularly offer classes, workshops, support groups, and more, so that customers have a more enriching, immersive, and community-based experience.

In 2012, we were honored with the Downtown Proud Vitalization Award from Fusion:Bangor, and in 2013 received the First Generation Award at the Maine Family Business Awards in Portland.

In 2016, Zeth and Betsy decided it was time for them to move to new adventures, and they sold the store to long-time employee Josh Parda. He tries to maintain the established Farmhouse-style, while also treading new ground and making the store his own thing.

Our brick-and-mortar retail store's regular business hours are:

Tuesday through Saturday 10am-6pm 

Find us at 30 Central Street, Bangor, Maine