COVID-19 Updates *Updated May 2021*

We value you as a customer, but, more importantly, we value your well-being as a person...

**Update for May 24, 2021*

The mask requirement remains in place in the Farmhouse. You gotta wear a mask in here whether you are vaccinated or not. Even if you carry your card around and show it off. (If you can show proof of being vaxxed, I WILL give you 10% off a purchase!)

On the other hand, the capacity limits are gone (as of May 24th)! Been wanting to make wine with more than one other person? COOL! WE CAN DO THAT NOW!!!

As long as you are all masked. (Ye olde rules still apply to wine classes: minimum of 1 kit per 2 people; I recommend ordering ahead; missed appointments result in a $25 fee. Probably some others in there, too.)

Don't want to wear mask? Awesome. Curbside and shipping are still options.

Happy to do that for you.

*Back to the original text!*

...The store will be staffed Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm, with limited access for the public. We can ship or provide curbside pick-up!

Need brewing supplies, coffee, or just have a question? Give us a ring at (207) 992-4454!

Order 24/7/365 at (Wait, you're already here!)

Our legendary technical and emotional support is also still available by phone, email (, or through Facebook Messenger – even as much as possible in the hours we are not open.

Thank you for your consideration!

Updates will continue on our social media accounts and website (as much as possible, as well as major updates by email).

We’ll be back to normal as soon as we can! (Whatever that means.)
-xoxo Team Farmhouse