COVID-19 Updates *Updated for July*

We value you as a customer, but, more importantly, we value your well-being as a person. As such, we are limiting access to our brick & mortar location.

Most of Central Street Farmhouse’s staff lives with or helps care for a person with a compromised immune system, so we need to be as careful as possible for their sake (and everyone else’s).

For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, phone and web orders remain the preferred ways to shop. Curbside pickup and shipping are still the best options! If you need to visit the brick & mortar, you may enter under the condition – per the State of Maine - that you are wearing a mask. No more than 5 people at a time, please! If you require a medical accommodation, please call the store at 207.992.4454 and someone will be out to assist!

The store will be staffed Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm, with limited access for the public. We can ship or provide curbside pick-up!

Need brewing supplies, coffee, or just have a question? Give us a ring at (207) 992-4454!

Order 24/7/365 at (Wait, you're already here!)

Our legendary technical and emotional support is also still available by phone, email (, or through Facebook Messenger – even as much as possible in the hours we are not open.

Thank you for your consideration!
We will post updates on our social media accounts and website (as much as possible, as well as major updates by email.

We’ll be back to normal as soon as we can! (Whatever that means.)
-xoxo Team Farmhouse


** June 1, 2020 Update**

June 1 marks a new stage in the basically-the-same-and-totally-different world. For some businesses, at least. You may have noticed that we've been open this whole time. And I guess now we can be more open-er?

Suffice to say, I'm not there yet.

Phone and web orders for curbside pick-up and shipping has been working pretty well so far. And it will stay that way for a bit. If you happen to show up anyway, or you just don't get this email, please wear a mask of some sort (assuming no medical exemptions to that rule). (Side note: Yeah, I see why that sentence makes ZERO sense.) I am not going to turn anyone away... Unless you are being purposefully unsafe in my view.

Wine making will carry on as it has been. If you REALLY want to take part in the process, we can talk. But no exceptions to the mask rule. Maybe you can just watch me make wine from a few feet away? Bottling will be determined on a case-by-case basis as we go. Thanks for your understanding!

Why continue with curbside as the focus?

Several reasons!

1. I'm inclined to err on the side of caution here. And it's my business and I will deal with the consequences, good or bad. In short, though, it's just not the state's call to make or yours. (That bit was just in case someone wants to gripe at me!)

2. The status of Central St is currently unknown. It might be shut down for the summer. I hope not, but I am not placing bets. If it is, I am inclined to just walk away. (Edit: The idea of closing Central St seems to be off the table.)

3. My supply chain is not back to normal speed yet. There is no point for you to come in just for me to tell you the item is back-ordered. Most items are available and in stock, but everything is taking longer and the most popular items are frequently unavailable. I am really doing this for your sake.

4. I am not going to have the store back to walk-in shopping standards by next week. So you might as well call in advance regardless!

5. This system has been working pretty well. Even with the surge in business, and pretty much being a one-man-show the last couple months, I feel like turnaround on orders has been better than adequate most of the time. (And overall pretty darn good, considering.)

6. We're moving back into the slow season. The surge mentioned in point #5 - and some $$$ infused by the SBA - still wasn't enough to really make up for several slow years. And there is no reason to expect summer will suddenly be sufficient to restaff, which I'd probably need to look at if I was going to attempt to return to more historically-traditional operations.

Too long? Didn't read? Well, in case you made it down here....

Short version: Business is open; store is closed. COVID hours continue.




Wine Classes!
Normally, we are restricted by legal limits and cannot make wine kits for customers. But right now? We know you still want wine, so to h**k with those rules. There is going to be a learning curve, but here is the general outline of how this should work:

If you have an appointment on the books as of March 19, 2020 and want to come in to make and/or bottle your wine, we will make accommodations for you to do so. Scheduling will be limited; please bear with us! We will not be booking appointments to make wine in store for now, but we will gladly make wine for you. We will book bottling dates for two months out and we'll see how things go!

If you are on the books and are unable or uncomfortable, we hear you and want you to be safe and happy! We will make and/or bottle your wine for you. Wine will be available to be picked up curbside after it is bottled.* (If you want to reuse your CLEAN bottles, you will be able to drop them off during normal store hours in advance of your appointment. If they are not clean, new bottles will be used. Please give us a call before bringing bottles!) Wine kits can be ordered online or by phone, and payment for bottling will also be accepted over the phone. (Obviously, payment required before making wine or picking up your bottled wine.)

We will also go over all of this individually! No need to memorize or keep up 100% as we figure out exactly how this works!

Hopefully, we come out the other side of this before you even need to bottle!

*It will not be possible for us to store wine here, except in drastic circumstances.