Dig the New Site! June 23, 2015 21:29

You've probably noticed that things look a little different around here. Either you're seeing things, or we have a new website...

OK, so you're not seeing things; welcome to the new online home of Central Street Farmhouse! Here you will continue to find all of our signature beer ingredient kits, winemaking kits, cheese and yogurt making supplies, and stuff for homemade cider, mead, soda, and more. We will also begin bringing video content to the new site, including tutorials, tips, tricks, and other random central-Maine brewshop musings.

Our 2nd-floor baby boutique department moved from its original location here on 30 Central Street in July 2015. Maine Cloth Diaper Company is now located around the corner from us at 35 Main Street. As a result, we will be able to expand our classroom operations into the 2nd floor of our storefront, and hope to begin offering wine classes (and more?) up there in early fall. Stay tuned for many more details and updates!