Basic Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

$ 109.00

Making five gallons of fresh, delicious beer at home is even easier than you think. Our basic starter equipment kit contains all you’ll need to ferment five gallons — that’s 48 12-oz. bottles — and the majority of these items you’ll use indefinitely. Other items you’ll need include a stockpot for boiling your wort, bottles, and ingredients — make sure to grab one of our signature ingredient kits.

Our basic starter equipment kit contains the following items:

  • Two (2) 6.5-gallon buckets with one drilled and grommeted lid
  • Airlock
  • Auto-siphon
  • 5′ of 5/16″ tubing with spring-loaded bottle filler
  • Hydrometer
  • Star San sanitizer (8 oz.)
  • Bottle capper
  • 28" Plastic spoon
  • 12" Lab thermometer
  • Detailed instructions

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