$ 439.00

The Command Stand™ offers the ultimate in brewing flexibility! It's unique, modular design gives you the ability to customize your stand with just the components you need, and add more when you want to. The online configurator makes creating your ultimate system a breeze. Every base Command Stand™ includes all the hardware needed to mount a Riptide™ Brewing Pump and BrewCommander™ Brewhouse Controller. For a complete list of compatible components check out the list below! Plus, no mounting modifications to the stand are necessary to add on additional components later.

Base Stand features include:

  • Conveniently mount one or two gas or electric controllers, with backwards compatibility for Tower of Power™ Controllers.
  • Pre-Drilled mounting holes for mounting a wide selection of our brewing components.
  • Gloss black powder coated tower and stainless-steel legs will look beautiful for years.
  • Convenient Cable routing feature.

Optional components include (most have to be added to the cart separately):

  • Flow Control Manifold - Easy to use flow meter to set your mash recirculation rate and your lauter rate. Doubles as a visual wort color/clarity sight-glass!
  • BrewCommander™ Brewhouse Controller - Complete brewhouse controller. Intuitive. Precise. Versatile.
  • RipTide™ Brewing Pump - Built from the ground up as a homebrewing pump! 
  • Therminator™ - Chill your wort like the pros with the fastest cooling and lowest water consumption on the market.
  • RIMS-Rocket™ - Inline RIMS Heater for perfect mash temperature control.
  • HopRocket™ - Efficient, versatile, heavy-duty hopback and hop infuser.
  • Power Controller - Robust affordable linear power controller. Perfect for BIAB
  • Custom designed 3-way valve to divert your wort from your mash tun to your boil kettle at sparge time with a twist of the wrist.
  • Wort sampling valve to check for starch conversion or specific gravity/pH during the sparge.

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