Country Wine Equipment Kit - 1 Gallon

$ 84.00

Making one gallon of fresh, delicious wine - or small batches of mead or cider - at home is even easier than you think. Our basic starter equipment kit contains all you’ll need to ferment your favorite homegrown fruits, veggies, or anything else with sugar. The majority of these items you’ll use indefinitely! Home winemaking is so easy, you almost won't believe it.

Our basic starter equipment kit contains the following items:

  • One 2-gallon bucket with drilled and grommeted lid
  • One 1-gallon glass growler with drilled stopper
  • Airlock
  • Mini Auto-siphon
  • 4′ of 5/16″ tubing with spring-loaded bottle filler
  • Star San sanitizer (8 oz.)
  • Bottle corker
  • Adhesive thermometer
  • Copy of the Winemaker's Handbook

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