Exit 183 Wit Beer

$ 42.00

Along the lines of Blue Moon or Allagash White, this spiced wheat beer mixes bitter orange and cardamom seed with a Belgian yeast for a fruity yet spicy flavor profile. Named for the interstate exit that takes you into downtown Bangor.

Color: 4.6 SRM | IBU: 13.8 | ABV: 5.1%

Extract kits include liquid and/or dry malt extract, plus crushed specialty grains with a grain sock to steep. Partial mash kits include malt extract, plus a larger amount of crushed base malt and specialty grains with a grain sock, and require extra steeping time. All-grain kits include crushed base malt and specialty grains, and require advanced technique and equipment.

All kits also include:
• Hops
• Bottle caps and priming sugar
• Whirlfloc tablet or Irish moss
• Spices and/or other additives (if applicable)

• Yeast (you choose between dry yeast, liquid yeast, or no yeast)

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