Fermenator™ G4 Spunding Valve

$ 99.00

The Blichmann Engineering Spunding Valve is purpose-built for pressure fermentation. With exacting precision, you’ll turn out lager-like beer at ale temperatures in no time!

With our Spunding Valve, you'll complete fermentations faster and easier with just the right pressure for creating lager-like flavor profiles at room temperature without the hassle of temperature control.

Key features include:

  • Ferment under pressure to produce clean, low-ester, lager-like beers
  • Extremely fine adjustments from 0 to 35 psi with superb pressure stability
  • Suitable for vessels up to 42 gallons (1 BBL batch size)
  • Perfect for naturally carbonating brews
  • Use for counter-pressure transfers
  • Integral blow-off barb fitting adds a visual indication of fermentation, if desired
  • Proven by Blichmann and White Labs research to significantly reduce esters and levels of diacetyl

Spunding valve for G4 Fermenator is TC, but NPT version is available for other equipment.

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