One Gallon All-Grain Beer Kits

$ 15.00

For those times that five gallons of beer is just too much! Want to try more types of beer? Don't drink all that much? Just have limited space for brewing and fermenting beer? These one gallon kits are perfect for you!
Worried that all-grain brewing sounds difficult? Well, no need to be! All of our kits come with detailed instructions and you won't even need to buy any new gear to brew your small batches.

All-grain kits include crushed base malt and specialty grains, and require advanced technique and equipment.

All kits also include:

  • Hops
  • Dry yeast
  • Muslin sock for mashing grain (& small sock for dry hop if applicable)
  • Spices and/or other additives (if applicable)

*Note: Priming Sugar, Bottle Caps, and Whirl-floc or Irish Moss must be purchased separately*

Acadia Amber Ale: Simple, easy-drinking amber ale punctuated by mildly aromatic English hops. A go-to brew for those looking for solid quality without frills.

California Dreamin' IPA: Close your eyes, take a sip, and imagine yourself on the sunny west coast with flip-flops and a breeze. (This still works even if you are already on the west coast.) Citrusy hops own this one, which finishes nice and dry.

Epic Special Bitter: English pale ale bordering on IPA territory (though with English hops). Super easy to drink, crowd-pleasing, and ready fast. One of our most popular kits. Tastes good anywhere, anytime.

Pickering Square Pale Ale: Crisp, clean American-style pale ale with a grapefruity hop profile, à la Sierra Nevada. A classic American beer, and perfect for any time of the year.

Paul Bunyan Oatmeal Stout: A full pound of oatmeal goes into this smooth, roasty stout, creating creamy mouthfeel and thick head.

Queen City Red Ale: Malt-forward ale with English hops and deep red color. Easy to make and even easier to like.

Third Boxcar Porter: A classic English porter!

West Market Hefe: Nice cloudy Bavarian-style wheat beer with huge frothy head, subtle esters, and high drinkability.

A Belgian Dark, Strongly: Dark, boozy, and somewhat sweet Belgian brew.

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