The Grainfather Conical Fermentor Digital Temperature Controller

$ 69.00

The Temperature controller (available separately) attaches easily via magnets and pogo pins to the fermenter (minimizing excess wires and clutter) and allows you to control your temperature and fermenting schedule. Without the temperature controller, the fermenter can be heated much like a typical fermenter with a heat belt. The temperature will rise by 1°C per hour up to a maximum of 12°C above ambient. Once the target temperature has been reached, you can simply switch off the power and the double walled insulation will maintain temperature for a long time.

  • Control the heating element and Glycol Chiller (available separately)
  • Choose between imperial and metric (C° & F°)
  • Total of 4 fermentation profiles with up to 5 steps each (2 are pre-set for a lager and an ale, 2 are custom)
  • Hysteresis is customizable and able to be set at 0.1 intervals between a range of 0.1°C – 1.9°C & 0.2°F - 2.9°F (the default setting is 0.5°C)

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