The Ruby Street Brewery 15 Gallon Brewing System

$ 2,949.00

The Ruby Street Brewery is a full featured high-quality home beer brewing structure unlike anything else on the market. Their signature bent tube frame powder-coated in red gloss and loaded with stainless steel fittings and kettles offers a unique blend of both form and function. Oh yeah, and large 10" pneumatic tires allow easy transport to wherever your beer brewing obsession takes you!

*PLEASE NOTE: All Ruby Street systems are custom built upon order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of gas-fired systems, and 6-8 weeks for electric systems. Notify us as to whether this will ship directly to you, or if you will pick it up in-store. All prices include shipping.*

Complete system includes:

1x Frame - Welded Stainless Construction (powder-coated)
3x 15.5 gallon stainless steel kettles (with lids)
3x Cast iron burners (with gas manifold and regulator)
2x Wall-to-wall stainless steel false bottoms
1x Stainless Steel Pump (with key fob remotes)
All SS Tri-clover fittings and silicone tubing
Complete Owner's Manual (with 1 year limited warranty)

Power Supply Options/Requirements:
Propane - Standard US cylinder (regulator included with system)
Natural gas - pressure requirement - 7" W.C. / Minimum supply 1"
Digital control option (gas systems only) - 110-120 VAC (50-60Hz) - 220V conversion available for international
All electric - 240 VAC - 30 amp GFCI
Pump(s) - 110-120 VAC (50-60Hz) - 220v pumps available for international


System - 71.5" wide x 26" deep x 62" high - with kettles

Kettles - 16.5" wide x 18.5" deep

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