Butterbeer Preview! July 28, 2016 16:57

This Saturday (July 30) from 10pm-midnight seems like it will be a big deal in downtown Bangor. Midnight marks the release of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" and it seems like most of Central St is getting in on the party. At the Farmhouse, we will be serving Butterbeer - a non-alcoholic concoction from the world of HP. We have come up with our best version and it isn't half bad. Want to know what to expect? Well, here is your sneak preview: our ingredients!

*One 4 oz. container Gnome Soda flavor extract (in this case Cream Soda specifically)

*1 pack yeast (we made our batch in a keg, so we actually skipped this part)

 *½ lb. Brown Sugar

*3 lbs. Table Sugar

*½ lb. Maltodextrin

*1 stick Butter

*8oz. Heavy Cream

*Optional: Food coloring (we will admit, we added food coloring because the color left something to be desired)

*Optional: Whipped cream for topping (we might have this available at the event)

*Optional (for adults): Rum as needed (we will NOT have any rum)

Want to make it yourselves? Well, first you should stop by and try it. Then we can help you get the ingredients together and you can take a stab at it. Get here early; we don't have much and it looks like it will be a big party!