Maine Homebrewers Competition - FAQs January 16, 2017 12:17

We start accepting entries for this year's competition in less than two weeks! Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about the competition:

Q: Who can enter?

A: Any homebrewers can enter! Work for a brewery or a business represented on the judging panel? Sorry. You can't enter to win, but we will accept submissions for blind tasting and feedback for free. And technically you do have to be 21+ to enter. Laws and stuff.


Q: How many entries per person?

A: As many as you want - as long as we get the $10/entry fee. Enter beer, wine, and/or mead as much as you want. And each entry needs its own entry form.


Q: Wait, wine and mead? I thought this was just a beer competition?

A: Oh, hellz yeah! Last year, our first year back following a brief hiatus, we skipped the wine and mead categories, but they are BAAAAAAACK! You can find the details on the entry form.


Q: What can I win?

A: Mostly, some sweet swag from CSF and the other breweries and businesses involved. One grand prize winner in the beer competition will win the opportunity to brew his or her beer with Mason's Brewing Co. and a homebrew kit version sold at CSF. Oh, that and eternal bragging rights!


Q: So... I see some of that sweet profit, right?

A: Sorry, but no. Honestly, the investment we make in putting a new beer kit on the shelf and the brewery makes in doing a one off brew minimizes profit anyway. This is a win-win for you and us - you get the aforementioned priceless bragging rights, and we might see a little green down the road.


Q: But, that's my recipe and I don't want them to have it!

A: Don't worry! No one wants your recipe! Mason's will brew this once and only once, and the beer kit will be available for a short time. You will always be free to make this beer for yourself and even to brew it professionally if you ever go down that road. (In that case, you just couldn't advertise it as the winning beer from this competition. Or maybe you could. Check with a lawyer first.)


Q: (The obvious follow-up question!) Can I brew one of your kits?

A: Yes. We are not worried about Mason's stealing our recipes. In fact, we freely offer unsolicited suggestions to local breweries all the time!


Q: Um, do they ever use those suggestions?

A: Uh... (Inaudible mumbling.) Next question!


Q: I won in the past - can I still enter?

A: Please do!


Q: Do you have score sheets from past competitions?

A: No! We hold on to those for a while, but not that long.


Q: Where can I get even more answers to even more questions?

A: Didn't see your question here? Call the Farmhouse at (207) 992-4454, email us at, or stop by the store. Or check out the website: