Homebrewers' Gift Buying Guide October 27, 2016 12:45

Hey, Farmhands! It has been a while since we posted a blog here. We have just been busy with other stuff. How have you been? Good? Good.

Well, this got weird.

By now, I am sure we have all realized the holidays are fast approaching. Every year, we get many shoppers who need more than a little help finding the right gift. And now we have a way to help! Attached to this blog is a downloadable form for you to fill out and give to your friends, relatives, and loved ones so they can easily find the right beer kit, wine kit, or piece of equipment for you. There is also a handy spot to check "Please just get me a gift certificate."

Print one, or two, or fifty and hand them out to everyone who MIGHT get you a gift this year. Or keep some handy as your birthday approaches. Or Flag Day. Or anytime! (Can Flag Day beer kits become a tradition? Please?)