Mother of... Vinegar! June 9, 2017 11:22

Ah, a rainy Friday morning and I have already opened two bottles of wine. Why? Well certainly not because I am a big wine drinker.

No, but really. I am testing out one of these vinegar mothers we carry. Specifically, the one meant for red wine. It calls for one 8oz. jar of said mother, 8oz. of water, and 16oz. of red wine. First observation - wine generally doesn't come in 16oz. bottles. (Just a thought.) I opened two bottles - both 375mL - using all of one wine (homemade elderberry wine that is surprisingly good after two years), and topped up with a Chilean Merlot we made about a year ago. Great, I have all the ingredients and a jar to make it in.

First problem - this jar is the most stubborn container I have ever tried to open. Consider that a fair warning. (Cue 20 minute musical interlude overlaid with sounds of me grunting and cursing. Then Dan showed up and just opened it.)

This mother is open and we are good to go!

Everything is mixed and I have just a muslin sock secured over the top - no need for an airlock on this stuff, just keep the bugs out. Now to wait 6-12 weeks... ideally at 8--85 degrees. At least this weekend will be a scorcher. I'll let you know what happens!